Oral Surgery in San Gabriel

Several dental conditions warrant the need for oral surgery. Oral surgery is always performed to restore health whether it be to treat impacted or infected teeth or to prepare the jaw for tooth replacement.

At San Gabriel Valley Family Dental Group, we have two experienced oral surgeons on site at our practice, Dr. Thit Lwin and Dr. Richard Petty. When your dental treatments are performed by people who know your health history, areas of concern, and unique dental condition, your treatment is comprehensive and optimal.

When You Need Oral Surgery, Our Outstanding Team Can Help!

There are many occasions when an oral surgeon is best qualified to perform certain dental procedures. They can administer any necessary sedation to make treatment as comfortable as possible, and they have expertise in maxillofacial health. Here are some procedures are done by our oral surgeons.

  • Root canal therapy is performed on teeth that have deep cavities where bacteria have infected the tooth’s inner chamber. Root canals remove the infection to help preserve the tooth and its function.
  • Extractions for impacted teeth, such as wisdom molars, are necessary when they fail to erupt and remain impacted in the gums fully. Impacted teeth can increase the chances of infection, and cause overcrowding, misalignment, and malocclusion.
  • Extractions for badly damaged or infected teeth, either from an accident or tooth decay, protect the smile from the spread of infection.
  • Bone grafting is sometimes needed before the placement of dental implants. The jaw bone begins to shrink after tooth loss, leaving it too small and weak to support implant posts. A bone graft adds volume and protects the sinus cavity.
  • Dental implant placement for posts strategically and precisely placed into the jaw, with the soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone depth taken into consideration.

Quality and Compassionate Care for Oral Surgery at San Gabriel Valley Family Dental Group

At San Gabriel Valley Family Dental Group, our team of trusted professionals works together to give you convenient, quality, and compassionate care. Dr. Joseph Rosenberg and his colleagues in oral surgery restore health, beauty, and function to smiles throughout Los Angeles County. Contact our dental office to get started!

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We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form below.

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